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Author Topic: Weird/awesome dreams you had  (Read 12251 times)

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Weird/awesome dreams you had
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:16:18 pm »
So, This thread is just somewhere to post any weird/awesome dreams you had. This'll also be where I put the continuation of that long story from my dream.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2015, 05:28:05 pm »
I had one that went from flying over tropical bays & Disneyland to fighting skeleton pirates to racing multicolored Kirbies.

Shizz was cool ;)

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2015, 06:41:57 pm »
Chocolat talk students reading this.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2015, 12:15:44 am »
Hoo boy. If I told you people about every dream I've ever had, well, it would be quite a long while of sitting, I can tell you that.

Something I should mention about my dreams, tho- I always seem to have them twice. The first time I have a certain dream, the subject won't be entirely clear to me at the time, but then years later I'll have the dream again after completely forgetting about it, and it turns out to be a dream about something I just experienced. Like, this one time I had a dream involving running through the woods, and I think it had something to do with Arcues, and then there was this odd room, like one of the ones you'd see in Kirby 64, one of the boss rooms, or something straight outta cookieland from Chameleon Twist, just this rather colorful, small, enclosed room. There were some enemies sitting still on a shelf higher up in the room near the low ceiling, one of them being a Slazzamoo, and another being a Sir Kibble...and then these doors opened up on the other side of the room, and I'm greeted with the sight of Sonic using his up-b move from Smash Bros. Brawl. Thing is, first time I had this dream, Brawl wasn't even announced yet...

I've had, like, a dozen dreams like that, but they're rather elusive, and I barely remember most of them...but I think the dream last night was one of those kinds of dreams. You know, the possibly-awesome kind.

Now, lesse...I remember some of it playing out like a rouge-like, 3rd-person Mystery Dungeon-esque sort of thing, which had a Minecraft-looking style. I guess maybe it stems from wanting nub-hat to make me a game of a similair-ish style, or something close to what he's currently working on? I dunno. Anyways, I guess maybe I was this female character, and I was testing this odd gimmick where, in these lava-filled chambers, apparently standing on the spot where a stream of lava would fall onto the ground would cause me to pick up a rare object that would be of varying rareness? Talking about it, I think the moments leading up to that part of the dream involved exploring a forest of bamboo and fog, and maybe there was a village? I think maybe the girl character was sad, but I can't remember...actually, I'm remembering something involving ghosts, or something that happened in her household involving her mother..maybe her mother died and turned into a ghost? I could be half-making this up, but it was something tragic. Could be related to the series end of Ghost Whisperer.

Anyways, I close the game (apparently I was playing it on something akin to a 3DS) and other stuff was happening? Anyways, I guess I was wandering around this sort of carnival-ish area, and I think "Carnival" from Homestuck (minus the honks) began playing at some point, I dunno, specifying music in dreams is surreal at times so it probably wasn't that, but the thing is that a strange being appeared through an odd portal, and I won't hesitate to say it was a mirage-y shiny Hoopa...and I know what exactly 3 or so people on here (possibly none of which liable to read this, mind) are thinking: "Don't you have an OC like that?", if not outright just thinking "Marcus :o", which is what I thought, too! And it's weird, because I don't really dream about my OCs (I think Sable was in one dream I had, but that was it), so this was, like, really out-of-left field! Until these two twin girls came up and said the being was NOT Marcus, rather being a Hoopa that traverses through dreams, or...something. Dream explanations never really make sense, but apparently, this hoopa (a female, apparently) was searching for the girl from the game I was playing for...some reason, and I went to check the game again, to find that it DID NOT go into sleep mode when I put it back an hour ago (yeah, dream times don't make sense, either, though it did feel like an hour. I could be forgetting some stuff I did), and the music (don't remember what music) was going faster, and there was a 3-minute counter. So I guess I try looking for some pf those rare items from the lava flowing things, time runs out before I reach the dungeon exit on the next floor, and I get blown out of the dungeon by fiersome winds (like in a Mpystery Dungeon game). I didn't lose any of my items, but I did lose the one piece of equipment I had equipped, a scarf of some sort. Maybe it was green? Lime, even? I duno.

I go back to exploring the dungeon by arriving at its entrance in the bamboo forest, being aware of the dreamy Golden Hoopa whose name I forgot. I think we'll just refer to her as "Nirvana". That name stuck out after I awoke for some time. (I think at that point, the dream became lucid enough for me to have Marcus shout something smarmy about another Hoopa almost identical to him.) anyways, some more dungeon exploration followed, stuff happened, and then some odd concept artwork of something shrinking comes up, and I suddenly remember some things about a movie I saw, except I never saw it and it never existed. It was about some people being, like, a few inches tall (maybe just an inch) living with near-microscopic creatures, being at odds due to their size but both having contemp for the humans living in the house that occupied the lawn they called their home, and one day someone of the inch-tall guys shrinks so small that only someone else of his similair size can see him, or...and then later in the movie, they grow to gargantuan portions compared to the humans to exact revenge? I dunno, it was just so odd...and the CGI was beyond ugly, like, just...really green, and really bad.

This was probably the second time I've seen this dream, since not only did I remember it after waking, but there's also more than a few overlapping elements from both now and when I first had it. Like, the idea of going to a carnival and using my DS (or 3DS) isn't something I believe myself to do much now, but something similair to what nub-hat is working on, the prescence of friggin' MARCUS (if not just the fact of a Hoopa being present in a dream far before X/Y was a thing), and the music were just some things I would only be able to comprehend now. So, in short: bizarre dream, but it gave me some interesting material to work with, especially in regards to this "Nirvana"...

Also, there were the times I literally dreamed I was responding to posts on here, but I think it's safe to say those were soliditary to the days that I had them and weren't recurring. But yeah, I did care about you guys that much. :)

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2015, 10:07:20 am »
Last night I had a dream about zombies that had chunks of carrot in their blood and the only way to find a cure would be to hold down a safe house and plant carrots into it but I could never get to a safe house  :sad_face: weird and a little bit frightening...

I usually have very elaborate dreams, and some of them become stories hehe...

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2015, 12:11:08 pm »
I had a dreams years ago that were so weird I wrote about them on my LJ. Here is one of them.

also, very weird dream last night, t'was about me going to the movies and i bought a ticket. then i left out of the theater, and went through the back door and i tried to buy another ticket for my friend, and the same lady in the front went to the back. i was like "can i get another ticket?" and she was like "sorry, our register's full of money, can't take any more" which is sooo....odd. anyway, i left out, and get this: the interstate/freeway didn't have cars on it, instead, people were walking really, really fast!! (i suppose we're the cars, that and i've been jogging lately) anyway, this white terrier come out of nowheere, chasing down someone, barking at them, and then jumped on the person. i passed by it, and then it was barking at me, and for some odd reason, i z-target it, and started stradling and i use my backpack as a weapon (i was wearing it throughout the dream) and somewhere in there, my pant where half off of me! that was the most oddest thing i've ever had, except for me eating my leg.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #6 on: August 23, 2015, 06:21:14 pm »
Woke up from a dream this morning that was about me biking with Clark Griswald and we had to fight with this old, dusty cowboy redneck to get a bag of something back from him.

Yeah I dunno either.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #7 on: August 24, 2015, 08:30:20 am »
Okay, so there's this deserted mountain town, and then a German shepard comes riding in on an old fashioned motorbike. He has two clunky looking guns on his belt, and he takes one off and then shoots around the place.
Then one of the buildings collapse as a white cat dashes out of it with a glowing red sword and slices at the shepard. The shepard jumps back and his bike gets broken, so he pulls out his other gun and starts shooting at the cat. Then the dream ended there.
Sable is AWESOME.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #8 on: August 24, 2015, 01:23:04 pm »
I had quite a bit of dreams last night but i am having a hard time remembering them in order atm. also pretty random.
it might actually take me all day remember my memory seems delayed on them at times.

Ok first thing I remember was I got sent to an err looked like a school building crossed with an apartment to work on someone's dekstop computer. There was a tall woman there with blond hair in about her mid 40's - 50's. She showed me which computer and I opened the thing and it put my comp to shame for rigged stuff @_@. it had some 12+ harddrives in it and several of the sata power connectors were rigged with physically wrong impossible wireing. like some had 2 yellow wires which is 2 +12v lines  :confused:

Anyways one had a melted power connectors "Gee I wonder why?" another was still working but the screen said it was operating at 300C Which is 572 Fahrenheit. I kept not wanting to put my hands inside the computer for it.
Some how that job ended and I became in control of a security camera as if I possessed the thing <_>.

I woke up for a sec and then More dreams.

This time I was at my friend eric's house or a replica of it. Somewhere in the yard. We where casually talking about idk what and then there were suddenly 5 tornadoes around @_@. Eric and some other unknown people disappeared and I ran off to the edge of the yard. I then heard a voice tell me to call the tornadoes towards me one by one <_>. I think in intent I did but never said anything verbally one moves over rather quick in my direction and I jump into some random truck going down the side of a hill. It somehow goes from hill to town with no in between transition. I got to some black haired girls house and try to take shelter in a random tiny closet from the tornado I called to me . I wake up slightly again and fall back asleep dream continues but everything is sped up. every person and object started to distort rapidly followed by turning into things some of it looked like root creatures it also got dim but not dark. It did that for what felt like 5 mins and then I woke up finally. 

Sorry for massive wall of text some times my dreams are pretty spaced out or are too much for me to want to even try to type. But when I have then it is usually a crap ton of wat why how why ughh.

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Re: Weird/awesome dreams you had
« Reply #9 on: August 25, 2015, 09:54:34 pm »
oh boy, get ready to be weirded out

lemme just say, due to a phobia i have, 99.9% of my dreams have bears in them

now, lets see... i'll start with a simple dream i had a few nights ago

well i was back in my home town, at the intersection leading to my grandma's farm
where there was a small parking lot by a river, there was now a shop
so i went inside, and it was a game store. they sold games and consoles for very cheap
so i started looking around, browsing all the games. i found what was labelled "the real version of Wind Waker!" so i took that one, and also Okamiden. i went ot the counter and asked if they had any Klonoa games, and they said they got a new shioment and would go check. they came out with 2 cases og Lunatea's Veil. each one had a different cover image, but it still wasn't the original cover image. i told them one was the European release, so i took the American one. now they said it would be 15$ for all 3 games. i only had a 20, so i gave it to them, and they were gonna give me my change, but instead gave me the whole 20 back. so i kidna got the games for free. then they said they'll help me look for a ps2 since i don't have one, and i kinda need it for Klonoa. so they took me to a different room, which was lit with those cool glow in the dark lights and paint, and there were disco lights everywhere, people and kids on trampolines, and freezers full of food, and tons more games, and cosoles set up that people were playing on. it was like the place i would want to live forever.
so the woman takes me to a freezer and takes out a frozen pizza, and was like "this one is half price! or you can get this one for even cheaper" so for some reason she was showing me food, and i knew it was food and reffered to it as food, but also still thought ti was a ps2 for some reason. so i kinda jsut got that. and left. then thanks to my curse of bears, i was suddenly in the back country road riding a horse. i thought "there's gonna be a bear when i turn around isn't there" so i turned around and yup there was a mother bear with a sub behind a car. so i quickly made the horse jump onto the car to be as high up as possible. the bear stood up and attacked me, then i made myself wake up like i usually do when i bear attacks me. then i went back to sleep and i don't remember my dream after that

now that was just one of my simple dreams compared to how they usually are. im gonan try to remeber and piece together one of the craziest dreams i ever had. so look froward to that ;)