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Author Topic: State of the Moon Kingdom Address 2015  (Read 1887 times)

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State of the Moon Kingdom Address 2015
« on: January 13, 2015, 02:03:05 pm »
Hello everyone, Dar here, your second-in-command. We talked about it before and we decided to make out a list of things we're going to implement into the forums and into the community here, things to look out of, the status of this place, all that good jazz. It was in the best interest that we would do this annually at the start of the year, doing this the first month (with some smaller updates scattered throughout the year.) This is what will be known as the State of the Moon Kingdom Address. So let's begin, shall we?

Stats and Figures

So it goes to point out we've been getting quite of bit of traffic for the forums, which is good! Since we moved, our pageviews have went from 38k to 118K since the end of December. Initially this was increasing November but we took a hit the following month. We gained 60 new members since then which is now at a total of 128 now. Our largest topic is the The Last Poster and we have several Klonoa-based projects going on now.

The Status of the Staff

As of now, there are six on staff on the forums with some additional help with writing articles and such from others for the front page elsewhere. As such, I want to consider getting more on staff to write some Klonoa-related articles if any are interested. As it is, I feel that we're a bit overwhelmed at the moment--a lot of us are busy in school/college/university and whatnot. I myself am back, but not nearly as much as I used to be due to my job. As it is, we might be looking into getting more moderators in the future.

The State of the Fansite

In a word--it could use more work. The forums are thriving. That's great! That's good. The fansite? I will admit I haven't been able to attend to it as much, but I would like to make that change. As stated before I would like some feedback on what we can do to make this a better place, especially the front page. It seems no one knows it exists and that's a shame. We want to change this. If anyone's interested in becoming a writer for us please send some inquiries to me via PM.  The front page as it is needs more content. We need ideas. We need you.

Planning for the Future

As some of you may or may not heard we DO have some big plans on events for the forum. First I want to announce that we will be doing contests! Yes, soon enough we have some plans for some contests throughout the year, in different things. It's not all out in stone yet, but some ideas will pertain to creative contests, meaning it could be artwork, animation, writing, crafts, etc. I'll be funding these contests, meaning that it will either be monetary rewards or something of a gift card or something that can be ordered on Amazon or the like.

 I also want to announce that we will have some events that people can participate in.  The first event I want to announce is the Phantomile vs. Lunatea event which be held this March and it will be held for a month. It'll be set where each member can choose a side to root for score points for said side but posting and whatnot. Again, this is something I'm still in process of ironing out, so it's not quite set in stone (it's hard for me to come up with ideas at the moment when I'm not at home as much anymore :\) but once we get closer to March you'll know more about it.

As for redesigning the forums, SMF has a beta for 2.1 which would have mobile support but at the moment many modifications that we use now aren't going to work for it yet, so for now mobile support will come, but not for a while. As for the site, if anyone's interested in that, again, let me know and we'll go from there. I know some of the plugins I use on the front site are broke for some reason and I don't have a replacement for them yet. I've really neglected it. :\

The last thing I wanna bring up is making some "holidays" for us. Last year, we had a National Moo Day made by our members. We liked this idea so much we decided to add that to our event calender every year. Again, if you guys have any ideas that you think might be fun for the community feel free to shoot a message to either me or Aura.
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Re: State of the Moon Kingdom Address
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2015, 08:24:14 pm »
...Now that you ask, I do have an idea for more holidays...perhaps a "Talk like Leorina" Day? Could be like "Talk like a pirate" day...that might not work all that well, though...since Leorina doesn't talk like a pirate. I could also say "Talk like Guntz" day, though...cussing could be frowned upon.

...Wait, I think I got something. "Talk like Popka day"! Yeah! That's gotta be sumthin' to consida! Ya, it could defnily' spark sum interest, but I think it mae be a bit hard tae pinpoint tha' specific accent. Also it mae get a bit graetin' ya know?

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Re: State of the Moon Kingdom Address
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2015, 09:04:20 pm »
Stats and Figures
Yeah, Our community is growing! But we are far away from the getting complete fanbase and making new fans to klonoa.

For the Last poster topic, I don't think that it'll grow like that. Wow.

The Status of the Staff
Yeah, I think people noticed I'm not very active on the forum nowadays. I'm working for an important exam I need to enter, but I'll be back shortly. It's not the forum goes unmaintaned or anything, looking to the moderation board for reports, our staff is enough, I think.

The State of the Fansite
Sometimes, even I forgot that we have a mainpage. Reason? It looks like it's put here to just fill the main page. Also it's empty. Either we need to fill it up with useful stuff, or integrate it with forums, using it's popularity for the main page.

Planning for the Future
Since looking to the forum games's popularity making events and contests is the right thing to do. Even that I'm overflowed with studying right now, I try my best to join these.

Well, of course I'm the one who interested with redesign. Just contact me if you need it. :3

I think you should open another topic for holiday idea, There are many interesting stuff to celebrate I think.

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Re: State of the Moon Kingdom Address
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2015, 05:53:56 am »
You should split my post from this thread if an ideas thread is made.

A Nightmares Holiday! Alternatively "Villains day."

Dark Spirit's Birthday! wait when is Ghadius's birthday? ._.

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Re: State of the Moon Kingdom Address
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2015, 02:26:21 pm »
Whoa hey I'm back hello.

The Status of the Staff
I think a few more hands on deck might be a good idea, even just one or two more people to fill in the gaps. I'm back now and I can go back to my normal mod stuff but lord knows I can't be on 24/7.

The State of the Fansite
Honestly, and forgive me if it sounds rude, but I think the main site needs some more...prettying up. I'd be happy to volunteer to help with any layout design or assets or anything, I dig that kind of thing. I don't know any coding or anything but I'm good at working with what whoever is coding can do.
Also I don't consider myself a bad writer by any means, but I'm not a confident one either so I don't think I should volunteer for that.

Planning for the Future
I'm pretty stoked for these events coming up, hopefully I can take part in more than a few! Should keep this place lively.

I'm all for more holidays, too (I second the motion for Villain's Day!)