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Author Topic: To anyone stuck with a harddrive with failing sectors like me atm.  (Read 1458 times)

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Only a few people are going to know what I am ranting on about  x_x but hey maybe someone one day here might need the advice.

Force Write zeros to the whole disk so that it will remap the bad sectors.    Arrgh this one harddrive has been bugging me for 2 months occasionally with something going wrong till I finally figured it out.

It is going to probably going to take an eon to write the whole harddrive but I needs this dieing thing atm   :embarassed:

An article that helped me a bit but I am using hd tune to write zeros instead http://superuser.com/questions/384095/how-to-force-a-remap-of-sectors-reported-in-s-m-a-r-t-c5-current-pending-sector