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Meet the Staff
« on: October 19, 2014, 09:54:47 pm »

@Aura24 - Founder of Untamed Heart Klonoa Collective and creator of the Klonoa Wiki. Head admin. Every decision goes through her, no questions asked.
@the_darai - Second in command; runs the Klonoa for Smash Bros. page.


@Rupurudu! - Programmer and fellow geek, the go-to guy when something technical arises.

Global Moderators

@Vincentmrl - Specialist at 3D rigging and enjoys making 3D paper models.
@mnstrmthd - Talented artist. Laptop is powered by the flames of the underworld.
@Vokadae - A night owl powered from caffeine and floof. Spends most of his time finding ways to finding potential from emulators and the games that run them from his computer.
@Windbullet - Also a moderator on Klonoa Wiki.

Board Moderators

As you may or may not know, some Star Members get the privilege of running specific boards. While Star Members aren't Staff and have no Staff privilege, it's just a better idea to list them here so that way everyone knows.

@Magazine - Moderator of WindBullet Magazine board.
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