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« on: September 21, 2014, 01:58:23 am »
Hello, and welcome to the Untamed Heart BB Code FAQ! If you're new to Forums in general, then you may be curious as to what BB Code is. Well, "Bulletin Board Code", as it is short for, is vital to, say, "sprucing up" your messages. Now, here we shall observe just what it looks like (as of this write-up):

See that? Not only is it what the menu for what The BB codes on the site looks like, it's also an example of BB codes in action! This one in specific is an "Image" BB code. More on that later. Something to note: you can highlight text, then click the BB Code's image to automatically encase the text in BB Code! Also, certain text-based BB codes (like size, color, font, glow, shadow, bold, marquee, ect) can stack. And finally, BB codes share a common beginning and end in text, surrounded by [ and ], though the last part of a BB Code always contains a / between the [ and  the text. Now I'll try to go a bit more in-depth on what each button up there does. Pay attention!

From left to right, top to bottom:

Text-based BB Code:

Bold [ b]: Bolds text.

Italicized [ i]: Italizes text.

Underline [ u]: Underlines Text.

Strikethrough [ s]: Puts a strike through text.

Preformatted Text [ pre]: Pre-formats text.

Left Align [ left]: Aligns text to the left.
Centered [ center]: Centers text.
Right Align [ right]: Aligns text to the right.
Font Face [ font]: Changes the font of the text. Just put an = in front of "font", then the font style of your choosing. Several fonts are available for use in the Font Face box, but it's not limited to just those.
Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.

Font Size [ size]: Changes the size of the font. Put a = in front of font, then the font size, then "pt", without putting any spaces. Font size ranges from 1 to 72, though I wouldn't recommend making text TOO large (higher than 32, at least), unless absolutely necessary.
Example 1. < Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.

Change Color [ color]: Changes the color of text. Make sure to put a = and the color of your choosing. There's several colors in the scroll-down menu for you to choose, but there's many others not listed, so try experimenting! Not only that, but you can even use custom colors! It's a bit complicated, but you can put "#" after "=", then a six-digit code, which involves numbers 0-9, and letters a-f, capitalized and lowercase both being counted separate, so remember the distinction! The easiest way to choose a custom color on the Forums itself would be selecting it from the Shoutbox's color changer box, then copy/pasting the chosen color. It's complicated, but well worth the effort. (Also, we ask that you not use text that's invisible/blends with the backround. It's against Forum Rules, after all.)
Example 1. (pre-set orange)
Example 2. (steelblue, unlisted)
Example 3. (#7700FF, custom color)

Insert Image [ img]: Inserts images into messages. Do note, they must be uploaded on the internet already, and must be direct links.

A common question on here is how to re-size images. Well, simple! it will look something like this: [ img width=100 height=100] unlike most BBcodes, a space must be put in between words. The number next to Width and Height represents how large the image is in measurements of pixels. (This is most handy for putting images in sigs that would otherwise be too large.)

(it should be noted that most images will automatically be resized to a smaller size if they're too big, or if the size-altering BBCode was used, though they won't be automatically re-sized if placed in a Text Formatting or Spoilerbox BBCode. They also won't be automatically re-sized in Sigs.)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Insert Hyperlink [ url]: creates a "hyperlink", which brings one to another page when clicked on. There's two ways of going about this:
  • Putting the URLitself between the BB Codes, like with any other BB Code.
  • Putting "=" after the first part of the BB Code, then the URL, no spaces. Then, between the BB Code, anything you wish to type. The text itself will become the link, instead of just a copy/pasted text.
Glow [ glow]: Puts a glow around the selected text. Like Color BB Code, it can be customized in essentially the same way.
Example 1. (Red [default])
Example 2. (Darkorchid)
Example 3. (#95ab4F)

Shadow [ shadow]: Puts a colored shadow on text. Color can be customized exactly the same way as Glow BB Code, though you can also change the direction of the shadow, to face either left or right. You would need to put a , then the direction.
Example 1. (Red [default color],left [default direction])
Example 2. (Blue,right)

Marquee [ move]: Makes the text scroll from the right side of the screen to the left.
Superscript [ sup]: superimposes text.
Example. (comparison)

Subscript [ sub]: Subimposes text.
Example. (comparison)

Insert Table [ table]: Inserts a table into post.

Insert Code [ code]: Inserts code into the post. As in, when BBcode is put in, it shows up as whatever text it was, as opposed to being displayed as a font, image, video, ect. Clicking the "select" part that shows up afterwards instantly highlights the text put into it!, making Copy/pasting/ect. a breeze. You can title the code, in exactly the same way as a URL, spoilerbox, quote, ect.
Code: [Select]
Example. (Untitled)
Code: (something.) [Select]
Example. (Titled)
Insert Quote [ quote]:Inserts a quote into the post. You can either click the button up top, or choose to quote someone's post by simply clicking the "insert quote" button shown on their post. Another thing, you can choose to have whom to be be quoted in the quote box. Just put = and then whatever text you so choose.

Example 1. (Default)
Quote from: Sable
Example 2. (Inserted text)

Red Alert [ redalert]: puts text in a red box, to display urgency of some kind.

Yellow Alert [ yellowalert]: Similair to Red Alert, this displays text in a yellow box, still displaying urgency of some kind, but not quite as much.

Insert unsorted list [ list]: Inserts a list into your post. The list uses dash points, as opposed to numbers or letters. The list has a bullet point for each [ li][ /li] inserted into it. A list can be named by putting text inside the [ list] BB code, and bullet points named by putting text within the [ li] BB code within the [ list] BB code. The default is always set to 2 bullet points.
  • Example.
  • Example.
  • Example.
Insert Ordered List [ list type=decimal]: Works much like unsorted list, though with numbers instead of bullet points. Do note that giving the list a title in this instance will replace the numbers with standard bullet points.
  • Example.
  • Example.
Horizontal Rule [ hr]: Creates a break in the passage.


Spoiler [ spoiler]: Creates a spoiler box, for those who don't want to spoil others of a source material's plot details, or other various uses. While normally unnamed, spoiler boxes can be named by putting in a = and whatever text you want displayed in the spoiler box.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Embed a youtube video url [ youtube]: Inserts a Youtube video into your post. Do note, some videos can only be seen on Youtube itself, and of course it will only work if the video is actually hosted on Youtube.

Embed a vimeo video url [ vimeo]: Works pretty much the same as the Youtube BB code, but with Vimeo-hosted videos instead.

These last two don't seem to be BB codes, but I'll list their functions regardless:

Remove formatting: Removes Formatting.

Toggle view: Changes the view of what you're typing. It works much like "preview message" on the bottom, but lets you type in the message with it in preview mode. Can be switched on and off.

And last, but not least: SMILIES!

We here at Untamed Heart use a variety of Klonoa-based emotes, 15 in total. (As of this writing). You can insert them simply by clicking on them, or by typing in the text between two ":". The latter doesn't apply if the emote is meant to be typed as a smilie. And remember to keep a space between a smilie and other text, otherwise it won't show.

As they're listed, left to right, top to bottom-

 :very_angry: very_angry

 :confused: confused

 :sad face: sad face

 :unsure: unsure

 :big_smile: big_smile

 :angry: angry

 :embarassed: embarassed

 :O : O (typed as smilie)

 :(  : ( (typed as smilie)

 x_x x _x (typed as smilie)

 ;D ; D (typed as smilie)

 :D : D (typed as smilie)

 :)  : ) (typed as smilie)

 :| : | (typed as smilie)

 ;) ; ) (typed as smilie)

If you're still confused by all of this, you can simply click "reply with quote" on this message, and observe all the BB codes I used in action. Visualization is the best way to learn, after all. And if you have further questions, feel free to ask!
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Re: BB Code FAQ
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Good job, Sable! I'm sure this will users who new to forums. Sticking this to top.

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Re: BB Code FAQ
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Nicely done! It's like you read my mind on exactly what I wanted to do.