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Author Topic: What do you think it is that successfully calls Klonoa to various worlds  (Read 1989 times)

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Hmm Theories. I want to know what people think is calling Klonoa to various worlds. I tends to particularly focus on Lunatea and Phantomile But I am curious about others too.

Obviously it is through a kind of dreaming but hmm.
Like in Phantomile Huepow says he called klonoa to that world. I still wonder how. Is it through strong desire. an intense desire for help? Why did huepow have to go and mess with Klonoa's memories anyways.

Then in Lunatea it is a bit more direct. The king of sorrow called him to Lunatea in that world to help him so that he/sorrow it's self wouldn't be forgotten. This one also seems related to strong desire.

Hmm is it partly through the wind ring? The intro in Klonoa 2 does something interesting with pulling the camera into it. So surely there is some meaning behind it.

Ah I'm just rambling out thoughts. I am curious of other people's theories.

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I think it is kind of hard to now what exactly summons Klonoa to the diferent worlds, in Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament Garlen literally invites him along with Guntz, Lolo, Popka, Chipple and several others and Garlen has teleportation so maybe there is a technological way to summon dream travelers (I say "dream travelers" because in my theory people other then Klonoa can be summoned).

Now how could Phantomile's Huepow and Lunatea's King of Sorrow summon Klonoa without Garlen's technology is a little more difficult to guess, in Klonoa Empire of Dreams I don't think we ever know who exactly summoned Klonoa and Huepow there so maybe Dream Traveler Summoning is more of a "what" then a "who".

With all that said I can't say for sure but my theory is that dream travelers wander from world to world in order to keep balance between Nightmares and Good Dreams even if they don't know that. In Phantomile and Julius' Empire the imbalance was that Nightmares and dark energies ware trying to take over, in Phantomile's case there was an inbalance between sorrow and the other feelings.

But that is just my opinion.

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My best theory is that if a dream world is in great danger and if someone tries to reach out for help, then Klonoa will be summoned to that dream world the next time he sleeps.

Because remember in Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol, Hewpoe (or Huepow whatever) summoned Klonoa back to Phantomile because Tenebrae Hue's army already invaded much of Phantomile. Hewpoe he said he could feel Klonoa "dreaming about the past" and "reached out and pulled as hard as he could". Hewpoe and Phantomile were in great danger, so Klonoa could have the ability to be summoned back to Phantomile and he succeeds.

Or what about in Empire of Dreams, where Klonoa was summoned to the Empire of Jillius (alongside Hewpoe) to save the civilians (Chipple, Muzika, etc.) from their nightmares being manifested by Bagoo and help regain the right for the civilians to dream again (and maybe cure Jillius' insomnia, I forget).

So there seems to be a correlation between these events:
Door to Phantomile: Hewpoe (and the other royalty of the Moon Kingdom, I guess) summoned Klonoa to Phantomile to defeat Ghadius and stop the wrath of Nahatomb.
Lunatea's Veil: King of Sorrow summons Klonoa to Lunatea to help him so that sorrow wouldn't be forgotten in Lunatea.
Empire of Dreams: It's up in the air if Emperor Jillius summoned Klonoa or not. But it was probably because of the empire's nightmares manifesting that Klonoa and Hewpoe were summoned to Jillius.
Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol: Hewpoe summons Klonoa again to Phantomile because Hue's army invaded almost all of Phantomile.

That's probably the best way I can explain it. I might need to make a video explaining the Klonoa timeline and lore to go into more detail.

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After thinking a little, I believed the reason as to why Klonoa would be "summoned" to other worlds, is maintly because (While in his "sleeping-trance" seen in L'sV) he can sense unanimous trouble happening to certains worlds. I guess people praying hard enough (Like Huepow or King of Sorrow) could influentiate the process.
While he doesn't know what the main problem is at first (The same thing can be said about the world he currently dwell (Klonoa asking "Where are we, anyways?", and after getting some kind of response via Popka, began to think heavily), he quickly establish there is indeed one, as there would be no reason otherwise to be put here.

Following this "logic", in DtP we don't know what was his mindset before his memories were "modified" (And we don't know why Huepow did, either). At this point though we enter the [Indecisive territory / Do not continue], however the "theory" still does appears likely.
As for the second installment, everything falls into place.

At this point though, you would argue : "What about Dream Champ Tournament, or Empire of Dreams (Or many other games of the serie)? Aren't there discrepancies with that "theory"?
However, this thinking entirely depends on the "roots", in other words, "what you would think of the general continuity of the serie" :
On the first approach, you could try to link every pieces together, but at first glance it seems impossible (Maintly because of Klonoa Heroes).
On the second, you'll have an industrial mindset, such that DtP and L'sV are bind together, and the rest are just spinoff that doesn't have as much thinking put into them. I'ts more about gameplay, sellings rather than building a coherent universe within all games.
The third one, would be believing that every games, is part of Klonoa's dreams when he sleeps, as seen at the "opening" of Dream of Noctis Sol. Obviously, everything becomes tightened together like a completed puzzle, because you cannot create or modify a dream's content (Although you can influentiate them IRL). Literally everything can happend, that includes K Heroes, or maybe even the manga. But I personally don't consider this option for reasons stated below.

I'm not sure in which category I belong to, but based on what I've said before, the industrial mindset fits me.

But maybe the upcoming film, hopefully will expand on this subject.


I don't recall : How do you see that Huepow "called" Klonoa? Where can you learn that in the game?

Also, be careful when using "Dream traveller". If I recall correctly, that is a title given by Bagugi (aka KoS), but why would it be the absolute truth? This title give an idea to represent Klonoa's role, but it is far from the actual definition. Also it is used in L'sV, but what about DtP? Don't they know anything?
This also makes me wonder : The King of Sorrow, was the one to "call" Klonoa. He knows, is aware of the fact that "something" can bring him out of his misery. Could it means he know a lot more stuff than we initially though?

Finally, I wouldn't take count of Dream of Noctis Sol, since it is not finished. What if, near the end of the webcomic, everything would be explained into great details? (Quick reminder : Noctis sol "Your attack threathen the order of dreams. [...]") But we will never see it, that's why we shouldn't count on a uncompleted story (The same way you wouldn't want to walk on a unfinished bridge).

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It's Klonoa's power, but he doesn't know how to control it yet.

Klonoa is drawn to the dreams of people in emotional distress. There are things that Dreamers can do in their dreams to increase the probability that he come, but Klonoa subconsciously makes the decision to come on his own and without their direct influence despite what the Dreamers are lead to believe. When he resolves their problem he subconsciously unravels himself from their dreams so he can help the next Dreamer.

Why did huepow have to go and mess with Klonoa's memories anyways.

He wasn't sure if Klonoa would help him otherwise.

Though in truth -- Klonoa's memories are always altered when he travels so he gets information that is relevant to him and his mission. In the Dream of the Dreamer he is trying to help he fits the role he needs to fit and remembers only what he needs to be convincing in that role.