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Author Topic: The Windbullet Magazine + More News Incoming  (Read 1265 times)

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The Windbullet Magazine + More News Incoming
« on: February 19, 2017, 01:36:14 am »
Okay everyone, I got a bit of news regarding the Windbullet Magazine and why the new issue hasn't come out yet. As it is, the new issue has been delayed, for plenty of reasons, but I will say that a few happen to be personal issues/business and the such and because the magazine didn't get any submissions, and the cover artists is no longer able to continue.

As such we decided to team up with the Windbullet Magazine to help put out new and excitingcontent, as well as help with communication. We will also hosting the magazine here for now on, just as soon as we get it set up on the home page. So, what does that mean for everyone? It means that we'll be able to help determine when deadlines, where to submit art, as well as some other pieces we have in store!

Anyway, there's has been a new board made specifically for board content in which thread will be made and hopefully you guys can do whatever you can to help and particpate in making this a very successful magazine.

As of right now, the magazine will be accepting submissions for everything until  March 11, to which the new issue will be up by March 14. That should give you a bit of time to turn in something if you got it, or if you're feeling creative to make it.  Thanks!