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Author Topic: Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories  (Read 2535 times)

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Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories
« on: July 27, 2016, 06:05:26 pm »
Hello, time I share another one of my crazy theories concerning the Klonoa Universe at large, mainly it's Continuity.

Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories

Due to the nature of the Console games and the handheld spinoffs, one could try to categorize the progression of the games in some ways, the following are a few of mine and why I think they might or might not work.

Singular Line

The simplest of them, they all are canon (except for maybe Klonoa Heroes) and go in a simple linear order:

Moonlight Museum -> Door to Phantomile -> Lunatea's Veil -> Empire of Dreams -> Dream Champ Tournament

However, even with this simple line, there are problems which make its order doubtful. If we place Moonlight Museum at the very front, it seems to fit since Huepow is still with you at the end of the game and Klonoa is still in his DtP outfit, which follows nicely into DtP. Also, MM being his first adventure makes sense since all he is doing is going up against 4 selfish artists, not a World-Ending Nightmare. However, after Lunatea's Veil is when this lines falls apart, due to the presence of Huepow while Klonoa is in his LV outfit, signaling that this is after DtP. Also confusing is how he just disappears again in DCT with no explantion. Also the fact that Klonoa Heroes which has him acting like he is meeting several characters he has always met before means it has no space on this line all together leaves one to think if there is a better way and answer to this. To this end, I've come up with two possible answers.

Concurrent Klonoa Lines

In this theory, All of the games happen and are canon, but only to certain versions of Klonoa. They are all Klonoa, but each from a different Universe, all part of a larger Multiverse of dreams.

Klonoa A: Door to Phantomile -> Lunatea's Veil

Klonoa B: Moonlight Museum -> (timelapse?) -> Empire of Dreams -> Dream Champ Tournament

Klonoa C: Klonoa Heroes

Klonoa A's timeline is clearcut, it's the main games on console, and Klonoa C's timeline just consisting of Klonoa Heroes makes sense too, but again, it's the handheld entires of Klonoa B's timeline that causes some issues. Going from Moonlight Museum, it makes sense he still has Huepow going into Empire of Dreams, because the events of DtP never happened to him. Perhaps Huepow's prediction of Ghadius' uprising was wrong, and when Klonoa had to go since he never learned the truth, Huepow decided to become friends with him for real and leave with him to worlds beyond Phantomile. Or perhaps the Huepow of Klonoa B's timeline is all together different from his counterpart in Klonoa A's timeline and is legitly the spirit of the ring that Klonoa carries around. However, this becomes an issue in Dream Champ Tournament where he sees Lolo and acts as if he has already met her. A possible answer to remedy this is that off screen Klonoa and Huepow had a similar adventure in Lunatea with Lolo or whatever dream world Lolo B is from and knew her that way before he got sucked into Julius B's Empire of Dreams. If this set of lines is correct, then how many other Klonoa lines are there out there, and is it possible for the Klonoas to intersect? And what if there was a line where Klonoa fell from being a hero and became a nightmare in his own right? While this answer kinda works better then the singular line theory, there is also another possible answer to all this, but it is perhaps the more 'out there' of the 3 timelines.

Rebuild Lines

If we think of Klonoa's adventures through dreams as also part of his own subconscious, it is possible for some 'data' of previous dreams to be carried over into the current iteration. For example, one person you know could be playing the role of a sidekick in one dream you have, but in another all new dream, you still recognize some aspects of the same person, only this time they are playing the role of a villain. People you see in your dreams are nothing more then actors giving the lines and roles produced for them by your mind and subconscious. Giving this line of thinking, there could be points in the Timeline where the brain does a 'Rebuild' of the subconscious, remixing actors and roles from previous dreams while some aspects of their basic identity remains and stays recognizable to an extent.

Build 1
Door to Phantomile -> Lunatea's Veil

Rebuild 1
Moonlight Museum -> Empire of Dreams -> Dream Champ Tournament

Rebuild that happened after a night of drunk rave parties
Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Final Rebuild
Klonoa Heroes

The first run-through is the console games, and after Lunatea's Veil, the brain does a 'Rebuild' and restarts itself, with some data from the previous build carrying over. Due to this rebuild and restart, Huepow is back and they go on adventures, and thanks to the Lolo data carrying over, Klonoa recognizes her in Dream Champ Tournament. The final Rebuild so far of the series combines data from the first build and the rebuild together, resulting in a world that has elements from the first build (parts of Phantomile and Lunatea mashed together), and elements that only appeared in the rebuild (Guntz, Garlen).

And those are my 3 answers to the question of the Klonoa Continuity issue. Thoughts, comments, your own ideas and posts telling me I waste too much time thinking about this stuff are all appreciated.
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Re: Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2016, 07:15:54 pm »
I usually don't have the patience or energy to think about timelines like this, haha, all I've ever cared about was DtP --> LV and EoD --> DCT.

Reading these though, I definitely think the Rebuild Lines make the most sense and are the most thematically appropriate.

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Re: Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2016, 11:33:15 pm »
I also do not have patience or energy so I drew a picture.

Filled Worlds are Worlds that went through Rebirth after the Dream was over.

Did I move around/erase some information to have a version I was comfortable with sharing?

lol-no of course I didn't. ;)

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Re: Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2016, 11:51:48 pm »
I talked with another guy about a month ago about some theories on Klonoa timelines.
We ended up with mostly unanswered questions still.

we had one theory trying to decide if there were literally multiple Klonoas in different worlds.
And one other where Klonoa is phantom or spirit that gets pulled into other worlds. That also those worlds could change him. Sort of like how Huepow can alter Klonoa's memories.

Anyways this doesn't string much together but it was me and another guys attempt at trying to find some way to connect the games together. I think we talked about how that in Klonoa heroes it may be that lunatea and Phantomile became one world somehow.

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Re: Klonoa Continuity/AU Theories
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2016, 02:12:31 pm »
I've always assumed that Empire of Dreams and Moonlight Museum were part of the fake memories Huepow created. So it would go like:
EoD + MM -> DtP -> LV

idk about the rest of them, those can just be in their own line :bad_straight_face: