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Author Topic: Was Klonoa trying to remember phantomile should there be a game sequel reboot?  (Read 1258 times)

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I was observing the storyline of the game and was recognizing the memory effect on Klonoa is temporary meaning Klonoa was trying to remember Phantomile through out Klonoa Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. If Klonoa did a reboot as a sequel involving his memories would you play it? What do you think should be involved should Klonoa attempt to return to the moon Kingdom? I had some cool ideas attempting Klonoa to return to the moon kingdom opening up a bridgeway or portal to the Moon Kingdom as a Tomorrowland reference.

If you really pay attention to the Klonoa storyline it mostly discusses Klonoa's memories in the moon kingdom here are some good questions though if he did. Do you think Klonoa should seek vengeance for being used as a child to punish the Moon Kingdom for using him to save it by brain washing him or to reunite with Huepow and save the moon kingdom for a second attempt of being destroyed? I was thinking of wanting to make a fan based storyline for a Klonoa 3 involving something in that route because the Moon Kingdom BASICALLY brain washed and used Klonoa. Any how what are your thoughts about this kind of idea and what are your thoughts on Klonoa remembering Huepow and the moon kingdom do you think that's what he's trying to do?


People BELIEVE it is not possible to have a favorite game rebooted well not entirely true because people thought that about the Zelda games not reaching the 3DS. There are proper channels to go through BEFORE we attempt to make this dream happen and it CAN happen through persuasion and the purpose of wanting one. It's like a job interview you gotta tell them what they want to hear in why you think this should happen. Here's a simple reason we're Klonoa fans we love Klonoa we want more from Klonoa. We will have to tell them what we want left OUT of the game things like aging I mean COME ON it's a video game for crying out loud not reality!

Another idea to attract this idea to the modern age is what plat former should it be on I was thinking of it being for virtual reality as an optional idea. Idea number 3 we need a website to tell people about where Klonoa 3 is going to take place EXAMPLE: or these are not real now but what about later? I plan on combining the strength of all Klonoa fans to pull this operation in effect. In order for a successful operation we NEED to spread the message around telling them what we want in the game and we want a Klonoa 3. Without the support of a consumer product the idea will not take effect.
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