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Author Topic: Answering Questions About the Magazine  (Read 1600 times)

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Answering Questions About the Magazine
« on: March 26, 2016, 12:36:16 pm »
So, since the cover was posted, we've gotten quite a few questions! We have decided to make a separate topic because the questions were more about the magazine in general, and not the cover. In addition, people would be able to ask new questions in this topic!

From SyraxAxoJaxco

"'s fan art only? No other submission such as fanfictions, poems, or etc?"

Fan poems sounds like a wonderful idea! We will definitely add that to our list of acceptable fan media! However, other fan works such as fanfiction would be very long and take up a lot of page space, and we want to be able to provide equal space for all fan works. We aren't exactly sure what is meant by "etc", if you mean fan media such as songs or videos, but we would rather not have anything that we can't put in a physical copy.

"Well, have you promoted this to fellow fans in DeviantArt?"

We are a little unsure about making multiple social media accounts just to promote this magazine, as nice as it would be. We aren't even sure which groups or accounts to promote this to. That being said, we completely support anyone advertising and linking the magazine website wherever they see fit! (As long as it doesn't break any site rules against advertising other websites)

From Cobra!

"Is there going to be like an RSS feed or something, so I can keep posted about any updates about this or when a new comes out or whatever?"

We are not sure how to make an RSS feed at the moment, but we assure you that someone is going to help us start that! So, yes, we can say that this looks like it's going to happen!

From Randomizer

"When the magazine has been physically released, will it be available worldwide?"

It seems as if there is a misunderstanding. We have stated on our website that we will not be making any money off of this magazine. Physical copies will be paid for out of our crew's pockets, and only a few will be made. They will not be bought, but raffled off to participants who have submitted anything to the magazine. For information on what you can submit (it isn't limited to fan art), check here

We plan on making physical copies, but that also depends on if we can afford it. Even then, only about two or three physical versions of each issue will go out to lucky participants. This is why the magazine is mostly a digital medium, the physical copies are more or less prizes. We plan on being able to ship internationally to winners.

From mnstrmthd

"Whoof, mid April would be a tough deadline. It's a lot sooner than I expected."

It's looking more like the last week of April, really, and if need be, we might extend it into the first week of May. We don't want to stress out any participants! If you look at our website, you can actually see the (very un-periodic) release dates for every issue, as we have them planned so far. These are open for discussion.

"I wish I could submit more than once to his category lol."

We didn't feel all too great about putting a restriction like that, admittedly. Really, though, it's to make sure one fan doesn't get more magazine space than the next. If one section is lacking a certain amount of submissions, we'll see about being lenient with this rule, don't worry!

"Purely out of curiosity, will you ever take submissions for the main magazine covers? Or do you have one person doing all of them?"

We don't plan on taking submissions for the covers. Actually, we were going to request cover art from some people. We don't think that we would ever completely open submissions for the covers. However! If anyone is interested for making a cover, feel free to message us on this forum - or email us! - and we can discuss it!

This first issue is really experimental, the crew doesn't have a lot of experience in running a magazine, but it's a vision we hope to bring to reality, and we are always accepting suggestions on how to improve!

Thank you so much to all of those supporting this project!

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Re: Answering Questions About the Magazine
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2016, 12:58:04 pm »
We will start answering questions here again.

About a week ago we received a question via email about how recipes in this issue should be submitted. Here is the format:

The title of the recipe

A 1-2 sentence introduction to your recipe (optional)


Any additional tools needed to complete this recipe

Steps to complete the recipe

and please attach one photo of the finished product!

Please try to keep each recipe within one page on Microsoft Word!

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Re: Answering Questions About the Magazine
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2016, 04:36:58 pm »
I have a question!

So ... I am notoriously bad at making my food aesthetically pleasing.
Aesthetics have little to do with taste, though!

I was thinking of making some food inspired by the series and characters.
Specifically, these would be food items mentioned either in the series or the fandom.

Only it might not be shaped like characters because goodness knows I do not have the tools for that.  x_x

I can PM you details before I get started.