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Author Topic: Nox  (Read 1012 times)

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« on: March 25, 2016, 02:55:35 am »
Well well well look who hasn't posted anything in forever *points to self*
Well I'm back and with a whole new topic (wow!)

So I wanted to talk about Nox, my absolute favorite band of all time. They're Hungarian, and me being Hungarian as well I guess I'm naturally drawn to them-
Anyways. The band had 2 fixed members, Szilvia Péter Szabó, and Tamás Nagy. From what I understand the two were together, not sure if they were married or just dating. But the band broke up in 2009.
Nox was one of the most popular bands in Europe, due to their unique music style of mixing traditional Hungarian music with more modern sounds.
I got to see one of their last concerts when I was in Hungary in 2007. I was even lucky enough to meet the band in person, and since they spoke English as well I could communicate better since I wasn't fluent in Hungarian.
Most of their songs are in Hungarian, but they've dubbed some of their own songs in English as well.

This is their most popular song, Nem Lesz Több Tánc, which roughly translates to No More Dancing.

And this is the English version

Szilvia is very talented to be able to sing in both languages so beautifully.

Here are two of my favorite songs by them
Szeretem, which translates to Love

And Titok, which translates to Secret.

Sadly Szilvia and Tamás broke up, causing the band to break apart. I know Szilvia went on to sing for another band, I'm not sure about Tamás though, I think he might have made his own band.

Funny story, in Hungary when we were on our way driving to Nox's concert, when we realized we were actually passing them in the car beside us. So we rolled the window down and played their music from the CD as loud as we could, and they smiled and waved at us AHHHH I fangirled XD

So, what do you think of their music? Have you heard it before? have you maybe seen one of their concerts?
Thought I would share some of my heritage with you guys- Hungary is such a beautiful country, I love to share things from it.