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Author Topic: State of the Moon Kingdom Address 2016  (Read 1420 times)

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State of the Moon Kingdom Address 2016
« on: January 25, 2016, 09:40:14 am »
Hello everyone, it's Dar, creative director of the Klonoa Collective. It's time to talk about annual stats for last year and changes that will be happening this year.

Stats and Figures

Kicking off the new year, we went from 128 members to now 222 members. that's a big boost! And hopefully we'll continue to gain more. It also seems that we're getting plenty of pageviews as well, as last year ended with nearly two million views! I'm really excited to see that everything has had an increase, not only members and pageviews, but also new topics. The only decrease I saw was the number of post overall (down from 2014) but what really matter is quality, not quanity.

The Status of the Staff

The staff is fine as is. Everyone is busy but I feel everyone has done a decent job running this site. There will possibly be a big promotion coming soon for one person in the staff. Or we might be gaining a new person. Expect something announced when that comes.

The State of the Fansite

What fansite? Now that the fansite merged with the forums and became the Collective, I feel like it makes this entire site feel a bit more "home-y" and comfortable. Though it could need more content, which I will be explaining in the next section. But overall the plans we had last year went through and it's integrated and fits well with forum.

Planning for the Future

As far as more events are planned, it'll be the same as last year, with another art contest that will tie into another Versus Month, since it went so well. The idea for Versus Month will most likely be Empire of Dreams vs. Dream Champ Tournament. Or maybe Klonoa Heroes? Or maybe even Klonoa Beach Volleyball. Maybe. Keep in mind though after Art Contest 2016 I will no longer be sponsoring contests, either someone else will or there will be no awards in the form of monetary. There is a reason for this which I will announce soon.

On the portal, there will be a new addition, namely an archive of certain things, like flash games, wallpapers, and possibly music. Of course some things will not be hosted on this site because we don't want to risk copyright infringement but some things are rather vintage that will possibly never be found elsewhere.

Villain Month will revert back to Villain's Day. National Moo Day will stay the same. And I'm planning on implementing a Masquerade Month like I was going to do last year in October because I felt that would have worked better. I think I will add at least two more holidays in as a sort of 'religious tribute' to both Lunatea and Phantomile, "Solar Day" for the Solar Temple and "Goddess Claire Awakening" which will be three day long tribute. Haven't planned anything yet as far as details but as usual it will be announced.As far as redesign, I don't think there will be anymore visual overhauls for a while. I think my vision for this site is near complete. It does need a few more tweaks and all but it is fine how it is. There are plans to add more emoticons as well as possible emoticon packs but those packs will be for Star Members instead (got to give people some incentive to be Star Members of course!)

That is all to be announced. Thank you for your time.
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