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Author Topic: To CarminaSuva letter  (Read 1355 times)

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To CarminaSuva letter
« on: November 29, 2015, 05:59:48 am »
@CarminaSuva Bad words really sorry.
                Please back?

To mods and admins: please do not move this topic to serious matter. I know she would browse the collective without logging in and that board is hidden to guests.

This topic is meant to deliver an apology I own her. I was again picking on her in Shoutbox because of her ways of communicating, and then I was warned and told that I should be careful about what I say. I got confused, which was due to the fact that I still believed that she intended to do so all the time until the last second. However, that was not the case, not at all.
She is physically challenged. Heavily.
I checked her backstory once, but I never completed reading it. I didn't even pay much attention to the thread talking about her and later started using "gibberish" to refer to sentences she made.
Now I know how terrible was I for thinking she was trying annoying everyone after reading her story the 2nd time - those are the best she can give!

Please, if you are new here and find out there's a hard-to-understand reply to your topic, it's probably made by the very special one here: Carmina Suva. That's definitely not trolling but can be viewed as a gift she prepared with a great care (not kidding). I'm sure I mislead at least one member here. @VikVanHazel I beg you to forget what I say as soon as possible!
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