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Author Topic: The Science of Klonoas Wind Ring  (Read 2052 times)

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The Science of Klonoas Wind Ring
« on: August 31, 2015, 08:40:41 pm »


I've been playing Klonoa Lunateas Veil experimenting and theorizing what the science behind Klonoas Wind Ring is and your mind will be blown. Here's a couple of collected data collected playing and observing the nature and behavior of his rings properties. I don't normally like theorizing games but this I made an exception to it because I notice how theories mostly have flaws in them and they troll you if you don't agree typical ignorant behavior. That's not gonna happen with my posts though since I'm family friendly  ;) so don't worry you're safe here.

So let's begin breaking down the basics I made a thread detailing we can make a Wind Ring replica using that idea we'd have to make a jewel containing Klonoas Wind Ring properties the ring is the least important it just contains the gems power the ring is to latch the gem in place. This science has been mentioned in Doctor Who sorry to bring it involved but they've had a few science that made gems with different properties which is why I brought it up if you're a Doctor Who fan too. I wanna say Thor had something similar I could be wrong involving gems with different properties but can we do it with Klonoa? The ring its self is not important which can be done but the main priority is finding the properties to the Wind Bullet jewel which containts its elemental power to grab and toss enemies which would be similar to Dragon Ball Z in real life and a lot more painful being tossed by that power.

So regarding the nature of Klonoas Wind Gem I call it for short for another nickname was made in some form of Reactor if you reached Volk Hall paying attention to the conversation that is highly powerful and the reactor contained some form of Liquid. I wanna take a guess with all that engineering it sounds like some form of nuclear science or nuclear fission I wanna guess which is the same science that almost made the philosopher stone a legendary stone able to achieve even immortality and obtain god like power which can be googled as Lapis Philosophorum. This is why I'm a scientist enthusiast so I can bring peoples fantasies into a reality as best as possible. You can tell in Klonoa Lunateas Veil that Leorina would be pretty intelligent in real life if she can duplicate stuff like Klonoas Wind Ring Gem even though it's a game we can just picture her intelligence.

So Klonoas Wind Ring can also turn into a Wind Saber that looks like a beam sword or light saber styled sword imo which we are currently working on this technology by increasing the amount of watts a laser has and has already been done but it can't be done with Klonoas Wind Ring not yet any way that's why I made this thread. Another problem is being able to fund for this kind of thing since basically Leorina made a copy of Klonoas Ring through a kind of reactor that was placed over a city I wanna say haven't gotten to that part and I try to forget stuff to make the game last longer. So any way got information that can make the Wind Gem real fill free to share.
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Re: The Science of Klonoas Wind Ring
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2015, 09:04:27 pm »
Oh boy which way you want to go about this <_>

In usual science I suppose you could try to use very controlled atoms to make a light source idk much on quantum physics but they are bending what things are know currently and i would wonder if light could be very literally controlled from it. So there is a first part. A 2nd part would be how to give it gravity or a way to attract objects I can't remember much right off but I could have sword in quantum physics there was a way to make a normal material become magnetic at strange temperatures. neh that's half baked complete idea but that is all I can toss together atm in normal ish science.

Now in not science certainly not traditionally.
I've done ehh quite a bit of I am bored reading on stuff that usually I'd shy away from if I didn't feel it had some impact.
Supposedly gems and crystals are good at retaining an energy. qi/chi/ki whatever you end up calling it. I could guess if someone where exceptionally skilled at controlling that and not living somewhere in the near impossible to reach mountains of Tibet or other odd places you could make a gem function like so a little. All I know is that stuff is realllllllllllllly hard to do. I've heard stories of which don't satisfy me because I tried to be skeptical. I've experienced things that disturbed me though so well I'll leave it at that. It's just a theory and a very unlikely one.

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Re: The Science of Klonoas Wind Ring
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2015, 09:31:17 pm »
Well lucky you i did heavy research on the Wind Ring awhile back
I was inspird by MatPat's game theory about Link's hookshot, that i decided to figure out how much the Wing Ring weighs and how much force is put on Klonoa's body when he fires it. I'll put my notes here

Height: 3'3
Weight: 52 lbs
Volume: 8.45,154
Density: 515.54394
Mass: 4,357.14,023

Wind Ring
Volume: 160
Weight: 111.68 lbs

Wind Ring gem
Volume: 36
Mass: 99.36
Density: 2.76

Klonoa gets pushed back roughly 1 foot when Wind Ring is fired
Wind Bullet travels 3 feet in .3 seconds
Enemies get pushed back 3 feet when hit

So this is pretty much all the info i got. The Wind Ring is made of solid gold, since that's the only metal of that color that stays that color in water. Aaaand because of that it weighs more then Klonoa himself weighs >.> even if he could carry the ring, he would get a good jolt from firing it, and would no way be able to hold it above his head after inflating an enemy. That's also assuming the enemy doesn't weigh anything after inflated, which technically wouldn't work cause in order for it to do any kind of damage when thrown, it would either have to be extremely dense, or be traveling extremely fast. Now the force the Wind Ring would need in order to shoot something inflated like a balloon out fast enough to cause damage would be very very large, putting a huge ammount of strain on Klonoa's body, breaking his wrist, arm, and possibly his spine (science is fun)

Im still working on this theory, once i get the comp to run emulators again i'll do more research. Until then i hope this helps a bit, just a bit of insight on how the Wind Ring would effect the person using it

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Re: The Science of Klonoas Wind Ring
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2015, 09:48:16 pm »
Another component of the wind ring I tend think of from at lest the 2 main games is either the wielder or the person occupying it or both's spiritual power. I am unsure how you would replicate that right now. But I think it in could be an extremely important component. Or otherwise you'll just have a fancy multi thousand dollar gold ring with what could be an emerald inset in it.