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Author Topic: Ancient Claire vs Goddess Claire  (Read 2627 times)

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Ancient Claire vs Goddess Claire
« on: July 22, 2015, 09:20:00 pm »
The topic says it all. I often wonder about Claire. There's not much to her backstory. About the only thing I gathered was at one time she was evil and then purged of it becoming Goddess Claire. Makes me wonder what form would be more powerful. What's your thoughts?

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Re: Ancient Claire vs Goddess Claire
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2015, 04:00:19 am »
...well that escalated quickly

i love the Legend of Rebirth fanfic about Klonoa so much i get it's canon mixed up with the actual game canon. now because the story is unfinished, it's hard to say what it's idea of the Goddess Claire was, but i think either Klonoa is Claire reborn (cause Popka says he reminds him of her) or that Lolo is her descendant.
those 2 theories are in that fanfic (i think it's been awhile since i read it) and i think they make the most sense

Edit: *re-reads this post the next day* this makes no sense. What was i thinking lsst night? Guess my brain doesn't work at 1am.
Anyway my REAL answer is that i think the goddess claire was the queen of sorrow, and ruled over the kingdom of sorrow with the king of sorrow. People thought sorrow was bad, so they removed it from her, and they started worshiping her in La-Lakoosha. The king of sorrow was so upset that he started attacking the other kingdoms, causing them to seal away him and the kingdom of sorrow. And that's that. La-Lakoosha is the kindom of tranquility, so they wanted a pure goddess to rule over them. So they took someone, and did just that.
That's my theory at least

Edit during the edit: oh i just thought of anoter thing! Maybe the people living in La-Lakoosha weren't truly pure. So they wanted a goddess to rid them of all evilness. However by trying to achieve this, they became worse by taking clare from her kingdom. It shows that everyone has a little evil in them. For example, the priestessess that tease Lolo. They live in the kingdom of tranquility. Shouldn't that be against the rules to do? Even Lolo herself was selfish at the beginning, only wanting Klonoa to help her ring the bell. It shows that everyone, no matter who they are, isn't completely pure
Again, this is just my theory. I kinda thought it up out of no where XD
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Re: Ancient Claire vs Goddess Claire
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2015, 01:15:09 pm »
About the only thing I gathered was at one time she was evil and then purged of it becoming Goddess Claire.
I might be remembering wrong, but I don't recall it being said that Claire was ever necessarily evil outright. Literally no one is just plain old good or evil (which is actually a theme I'm starting to notice from this game.)
I always thought it meant purging her of any evil that she did have, not that she was 100% evil. She was purged of sin, which is why they pray to her to forgive their sins.
I have a theory that after that, nothing of her remained (because a person without any evil in them doesn't exist), and Lunatea took that as her having left the living world and ascended to Godhood. She became a pure, perfect being in their eyes and they worshiped the idea of her more than anything.
I don't know, Claire is a confusing topic for me cause I never really thought about it. It's been a while since I played too so maybe my memory is off.

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Re: Ancient Claire vs Goddess Claire
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2015, 05:25:36 pm »
There was one thing I always found interesting on this topic, and that was at the end of the game when Klonoa rings the Bell of Sorrow. As he rang the bell, Popka says to Lolo that Klonoa reminds him of the Goddess Claire, and Lolo agrees with him. I've always wonder what they meant when they said that. They could be referring to his kind and selfless nature being reminiscent of Claire herself; or maybe, it could mean that what Klonoa has done throughout his journey is similar to that of Claire's own journey, possibly even before her ascent to Godhood. At least that's what I think it could mean.  :unsure:

As for which form of Claire is more powerful; Goddess, of course. I mean, you simply can't be stronger than someone who has transcended mortality...
It a me