No one is safe from Dar's pranks every April Fool's Day. >:3

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Author Topic: Would you if you could thwart Ghadius's plan and in what way would you do so?  (Read 2543 times)

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Heh I would. <:

I'd kidnap Lehpise before Ghadius and Joka could get to her and watch them have to search aimlessly for days while I am laughing behind some Moo portal. Maybe drive Balue crazy with some half truth info on where she is.
I'm sure I could get him to do a lot of stupid and wonderfully funny stuff. :big_smile:
Huepow would possibly be stuck with his role as ring spirit and that too to me would be hilarity.

Soo... What things would you try or would you mess with anything at all?

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Ghadius and Lephise that's breezegale of bell the moon kingdom my dark the king story.

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I'll keep the Lephise's pendant for myself and don't tell anyone including Grandpa and Chieftess. :D