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Author Topic: My iPad Charger broke. AGAIN.  (Read 702 times)

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My iPad Charger broke. AGAIN.
« on: March 31, 2015, 10:35:24 PM »
Yes, you read that right: my iPad charger broke again. In fact, my 3DS, Tablet, and Wii U chargers also broke, as well as my computer and Wii U exploding spontaneously. Chances are, I'll probably never be on the internet again. Sorry.

Though, I have but a few moments to tell you that I'll be having one of my vast amounts of characters take over my internet duties for me. My iPad is dangerously low on power, though, so I'll have to make this quick. Though, most of said characters seems to be pre-occupied at the moment....let's see...

is too busy rambling on to everyone in earshot about his backstory, refuses to come on here full-time due to "prejudice against pokemon" on the Shoutbox (for some stupid reason), has been too pre-occupied with his marble collection, is too busy fretting about the future (though he gives @Vokadae his regards), came FROM the future to convince to stop fretting about the future in the first place, is miffed that I'm not actually naming any of these characters, herself included, and refuses to be RP'd as unless I treat them with more dignity, is too busy having a religious crisis over the fact that, while his belief in is very much factual, he still can't fathom that created everyone and everything he knew for no divine or greater reason besides "I was bored", is too busy hitting on , who's also unavailable due to trying to avoid like the plague, is still kinda mad about that whole "Vi" thing (trust me, you don't wanna know), Has been too pre-occupied getting ready for the wedding she and may or may not have already had 34 years from now (TIME TRAVEL IS ****ING CONFUSING, OKAY?!?), has been too involved with his professional skating career to post on here on a regular basis, is wrapped up in one of those "awesomely epic quests that I'll never tell anyone about outside of gratuitously RPing as characters from said awesome quest, or through bare-bones plot summaries via Skype Chat", is drunk from too much Ginseng, and while available, is...probably not the best idea I could have, is too scared of approaching any form of electronic device, is too busy seeing if he can be seen as "smurt" in the eyes of his father by trying to experiment on with said electronical devices (in the hopes of getting chicks to date him, of course), is too EEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIL, is too OP, is ALSO too OP, is-

...Aw. Just about out of power. Guess I won't be able to get to make fun of and having arms too short to reach the keyboard.

In any case, I DO have one character who's been available for some time now...and before anyone asks, NO. IT ISN'T SCORCH. Don't worry, he'll have his turn to exist soon....maybe in another 2-10 months or so, but soon. So, without further ado, the character that shall be taking my place in the message boards is

EDIT:...I will admit, this was a rather shameful April Fools joke. I'm sorry if I worried anyone over it. Truth be told, my charger's been perfectly fine, and I couldn't be happier...Though, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if my WiiU literally exploded because it couldn't process the awesomeness of Mewtwo and Lucas returning to smash, AND the possibility of having Klonoa (or...literally any other character I would've wanted in otherwise, like Isaac).
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