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Author Topic: Color picker for posts?  (Read 1044 times)

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Color picker for posts?
« on: January 18, 2015, 05:17:42 AM »
Now, I know this is a bit of a...different suggestion, but one of the things I've always enjoyed about the shoutbox (Besides being the Skype I can use without getting yelled at (Don't ask)) is the fact that you can choose what color you can use. And I don't mean like how it has that little thing that can let you "Change Color" (With which there's no problem, I assure you), I mean changing the color by choosing it on a color graph. I've seen a few other places that have that same functionality within the post function (One forum I went to even had options for color brightness), and I was wondering if this place could integrate that into posts somehow. I know all forums seem to use a near-universal hex value for colors (makes remembering certain colors like #7700FF a little easier), and I could just go to one of the other sites I frequent, copy/paste a specified color from their color picker, and THEN post said color in said post, but it feels a little silly to have to go off-site for that function. (Doing it with the shoutbox during the short span of time its up isn't QUITE as weird, but it still means opening up a separate window, which is a bit unwieldy.)

And since I'm complaining about BBCode-related functions:
Code: [Select]
I know what it does: it makes text scroll from right to left. But I've seen other places that have it move in all sorts of different ways, yet I haven't the foggiest whether it actually has those functions on here. It's not really a big deal, I guess, but it has confused me for some time now.

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