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Author Topic: Glorious Volkan Fire! Fire effects work on Klonoa 2 in a new pcsx2 dev build!  (Read 66 times)

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I've been waiting years for this. The fire effects on Klonoa 2 now work on at least one specific build of pcsx2 so far!

Many many many Thanks to turtleli and prafull for the fix!

Klonoa 2 NTSC works fine.
Klonoa 2 NYSC-J works fine
Klonoa 2 PAL works fine in 50hz mode. 60hz mode gives a black screen with this error though I think it is due to the IPU patch trying to use the 50hz address still.
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Cool. I had no idea they didn’t work properly on the emulator.
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Awesome! It's always heartwarming to see compatibility for this game get better and better!  ;)

Quick question: Does this build fix the issue with the Ow-Gows (those huge plant/serpent-like creatures in the caves of La-Lakoosha)? On the newest build I have the Ow-Gows are pretty plainly visible when... well, you already know how they should look.  :big_smile:
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