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Author Topic: Pokemon BW Wild Battle Orchestrated (Tribute YoshiDude12)  (Read 1027 times)

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 First off I love The New Wallpaper !!  :D

Anyways this video was in tribute to Yoshidude12 one of the greatest Orchestral Arrangers.
Brass Sf2.
Sir Convolution reverb

(Other project,ect)
finally i am confident enough to do music request.if game like zelda,klonoa,indie like undertale or cave story.

As in the video i accept request of arrangement or remix
Read the Following
-if you want a request simply leave a comment below or message me ([email protected])
-to make things more easy, give me any details.
-you will be credit in the video
-if you want i can give you a score sheet ( it might take long)
- mp3 link can be given
-remember there are some requirement :
1 there have to be a midi sample of the song
2 i cannot do style of most DJ electric pop and hip-hop,ect
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