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Author Topic: Klonoa and Cory: Lord Gaben's resurrection and the rise and fall of Jack Black  (Read 5269 times)

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Still working on chapter 1.

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HEY! You're totally ripping off this video!
I'm telling on you!

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I hope you're being serious. :(

And I genuinely, sincerely do hope that.

I would read that at least twice. ;)

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Can you also include the "Rebel Army" as one of the main villains?  ;)

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You made this monstrosity  :confused: :sick: :confused:   now don't forget to turn Cory into a moo somehow.

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Good luck with that chapter 1, if you do end up writin' it! Glad to see I'm not the only one workin' on a Klonoa Fanfiction on the forum :D
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Chapter 1: The Dark beginning

Alexinator, Windbullet, mnstrmthd and mario123311 sat around the glass table.

Silence filled the room only for it to be broken by Windbullet.

"Joka, Kyubi and gamr13 attacked Phantomile last night, the death toll was in the thousands." said Windbullet.

"Why did they attack Phantomile?" demanded Alexinator.

"They wanted the scroll to ressurect Gaben." Said Windbullet.

"We need to find them and stop them!" shouted mnstrmthd.

"Nazi Moos are guarding Phantomile, no doubt Robo Hitler is involved." Said Windbullet.

"We have no time to lose, we gotta find them." Said Mario123311.

"We know where they are." Said a voice.

VikVanHazel stepped into the room.

"They are at Kyubi's base, which is a mall." Said VikVanHazel.

"Did you bring them...?" Asked Windbullet.

"Yes, come on in." Shouted VikVanHazel.

Klonoa and Cory stepped into the room.

"These two are highly trained ninja warriors, they have been after Kyubi and her gang for decades." Said VikVanHazel.

"We're finally gonna get them behind bars, they won't escape this time!" Said Klonoa.

"They will be joining us in this Operation." Said VikVanHazel.

"Come on, Jack is outside, he is taking us to Kyubi's base. We have no time to lose." Shouted Cory.

Everyone ran out of the building and got in the van.

"Let's go!" Said Jack Black, pressing on the pedal and driving off at full speed.

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Can you also include the "Rebel Army" as one of the main villains?  ;)


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...WUT WIT ALL DAT MEMBAH'.... :big_smile:

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This is quite the thing to decide to see after deciding to drop in.

10/10 this is brilliant
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