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Author Topic: Brave Frontier pls  (Read 627 times)

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Brave Frontier pls
« on: October 09, 2015, 03:13:14 AM »
i swear i have a curse when it comes to electronics
I was playing Brave Frontier and i just got to level 96 and im all happy cause i can finally replaced Maria with Elimo and my squad is getting better and better, then i realize all my gems are gone. Now for those who don't know, gems are a very very rare form of currency in the game (there's 2 other forms, each form is for something different) they're used for summoning extremely rare units, as well as expanding item and unit capacity, as well as reviving your squad if they die. And i had 49 of them since i've been saving up every gem i got ever since March. And now they're all gone. I have no idea what happened, if it's a glitch, maybe it happens whenever someone reaches level 96, maybe it's cause of the server maintenence that happened today, idk but it wasn't fixed by reseting the game or anything.
I don't really wanna contact customer service cause i did a few months ago when my account got hijacked and all they said was that they can move all my stuff to a new account if i link it with facebook, though i don't have a facebook and i don't want one, so i didn't do that. So im afraid if i contact them again they'll say i should have transfered my stuff to a new account when i had the chance and there's nothing they can do except transfer it now, which is not an option im willing to take (no way am i making a facebook)

So if anyone knows what might have happened and how to maybe fix it and prevent it from happening again, i will love you forever if you could tell me QwQ